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We recognise that all teachers have different specialisations and are in different stages of their teaching journeys.

The type of registration a teacher requires depends on a number of factors, such as the education environment they work in, their qualifications, experience, proficiency in the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching (APST) and their suitability to teach.

Registration requirements

Registration category Approved qualification 80 days teaching in the past five (5) years Proficiency in the APST Suitable to teach
Full registration :icon-for-yes :icon-for-yes :icon-for-yes :icon-for-yes
Provisional registration :icon-for-yes :icon-for-no :icon-for-no :icon-for-yes
Non-practising registration ¹ :icon-for-yes :icon-for-no :icon-for-yes :icon-for-yes
Permission to teach ² :icon-for-no :icon-for-no :icon-for-no :icon-for-yes
¹ Proficiency in the APST only required for non-practising teachers who previously held full registration. Those who previously held provisional registration do not have this requirement. 
² Permission to teach (PTT) is subject to conditions based on the teacher’s employer and subject taught. Teachers who hold PTT are not allowed to teach in early childhood settings. 


Useful Resource

Need help finding out what registration category to apply for? Use our handy Registration Helper tool to find out in under one minute.

Registration categories

Click on the links below to find out more about the four categories of registration and what is required for each.

Casual relief teachers

Sometimes referred to as substitute teachers, casual relief teachers (CRTs) are those who work in a casual, relief or emergency basis. CRTs do not have their own registration category, as they can hold either provisional or full registration.

Visit the Casual relief teachers page to find out more.

Dual registration

Dual registration is when someone holds both teacher and early childhood registration. This means they can teach in both primary / secondary schools and early childhood services.

Visit the How to register page to find out more.

Mutual recognition

Teachers who hold teacher registration in another Australian state or territory or in New Zealand may be able to obtain provisional or immediate full registration in Victoria under mutual recognition.

Mutual recognition is not a separate category of registration. Applicants will be granted provisional or full registration depending on the type of registration the applicant holds in other jurisdiction(s).

Visit the Registering as an interstate or overseas registered teacher to find out more.

Last updated: 04 May 2023

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