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The VIT hosts seminars and other events designed to provide clarity on important processes, such as moving to full registration or becoming a teacher mentor. To register for an event or seminar, click on the relevant link in the calendar below and follow the instructions. Questions about our calendar of events can be directed to VIT via the contact form.

Provisionally registered teachers

PRT Seminars - Moving to full registration

Each year VIT delivers PRT seminars that assist PRTs move from provisional to full registration.

The seminars cover

  • requirements for gaining full VIT registration
  • evidence-based processes using the Inquiry process
  • professional obligations, including the Codes of Conduct and Ethics
  • access to information and resources.

In 2022, VIT will host a range of seminars, including seminars dedicated to casual relief teachers (CRTs). Seminars will commence at 4pm and finish at 5pm.

For the latest dates and to book click here.

Important booking information

  • You will need your 6 digit VIT registration number to book. Please note: a VIT registration number is not the same as a TO number.
  • If your preferred seminar is at capacity, you will have the option to join the waitlist for that seminar. If you wish to book a different seminar, please cancel your registration from the waitlist and choose a new date. Due to high demand teachers can only book one PRT seminar, so you will need to cancel one booking before making a new booking.
Provisionally registered teachers

Effective Mentoring Program

The Effective Mentoring Program (EMP) is a free professional learning program developed and delivered in partnership with DET, and is open to fully registered teachers working in government, Catholic and independent schools and early childhood services.

This two-day program equips participants with mentoring skills to support beginning teachers and guide them through the provisional to full registration process.

A number of one-day refresher seminars will also be available for early childhood and school mentors who completed an EMP more than 3 years ago.

To be considered a VIT trained mentor, teachers must attend both days of the program within the same year.

For the latest dates, program structure and to book click here.

VIT Codes of Conduct and Ethics

Codes of Conduct and Ethics webinars

The VIT completed a review of the Victorian Teaching Profession's Code of Conduct (the Code) and re-launched the Code in 2021. 

In 2022 VIT will continue to deliver webinars designed to support all registered teachers and educational leaders in understanding the key changes to the Code, and help reflect on their personal and professional conduct to ensure it is aligned with the expectations of the Code.

These webinars will explore

  • key revisions to the Code
  • online conduct and social media in the contemporary teaching context
  • using the Victorian Teaching Profession’s Code of Conduct to guide professional conduct and practice
  • maintaining professionalism in a digital environment
  • maintaining professional boundaries, and 
  • where to find further resources.

Please familiarise yourself with the Victorian Teaching Profession's Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics in preparation for the webinar.

For the latest dates and to book click here.

Teaching Learners From Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Backgrounds

Strategies for teaching Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners webinars

The Victorian Institute of Teaching is proud to partner with the Department of Education Koorie Outcomes Division and the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc. to deliver a pedagogically focused seminar designed to equip teachers to better understand the strategies that support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander learners in our classrooms.

These webinars will be presented by Mathew Lillyst (Koorie Outcomes Division of the Department of Education and Training) and will

  • provide the necessary background information that all teachers need to be aware of when creating a truly inclusive and safe classroom environment
  • establish the linguistic and cultural elements of Koorie English as a dialect and then provide an interactive forum for teachers to discuss the pedagogical, social and academic benefits that will come from incorporating this knowledge into the learning environment
  • recognise language and culture as inextricably linked so teachers can provide a pedagogy that will support academic development, at the same time as supporting identity and wellbeing for learners.

The pedagogy discussed will be universally applicable and provide benefit to all learners, regardless of their background, and the teaching strategies that work for Koorie English speakers can be applied for all learners. This seminar will equip teachers with not only some strategies, but the understanding as to why Koorie English is important to allow all their learners to thrive.

For the latest dates and to book click here.

*Attending this webinar and reflecting on how you could apply the content in your teaching context can count as part of your professional learning requirements for renewal of registration.