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The VIT distributes a range of publications for teachers, their employers, education providers and other interested parties. Please contact us if you would like to subscribe to one of our publications.

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Please note: registered teachers are automatically subscribed to Professional Practice upon gaining registration so they can keep up with the latest news, teacher resources and registration information.

Professional Practice

Professional Practice is VIT’s official newsletter, which features everything teachers need to know about their registration (including annual registration tasks and legislative amendments), de-identified case studies that explore professional conduct boundaries, useful resources to aid professional learning, information on upcoming events and seminars and more.

Professional Practice: Have your say about VIT, inclusive education resources, excellence in teaching, a regulatory decision and much more - June 2022

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Principal Circular

The Principal Circular is designed to keep principals informed about the registration and policy matters that affect their teachers.

Principal Circular: Permission to Teach (PTT) grants - COVID-19 related workforce shortages update - June 2022

In this issue

  • Can schools apply for PTT to cover COVID-19 related vacancies?
  • How can PTT (COVID-19) be best used?
  • When can PTT COVID-19 be used?
  • How long will the process take?
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Early Childhood (EC) Circular

The Early Childhood (EC) Circular is designed to keep early childhood education leaders informed about the registration and policy matters that affect their teachers.

EC Circular: 2022 VIT stakeholder survey - May 2022

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  • Have your say
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Provisionally Registered Teacher (PRT) Circular

The Provisionally Registered Teacher (PRT) Circular is VIT’s newest circular, designed to guide PRTs toward full registration with useful information about the Inquiry process, PRT seminars, information about registration and more.

PRT Circular: Your provisional registration is important - June 2022

In this issue

  • What is provisional registration?
  • 2022 Graduate Teacher Survey

Casual Relief Teacher (CRT) Circular

Casual relief teachers can keep up to date with the latest information resources, events and seminars relating to relief and emergency teaching matters via the Casual Relief Teacher (CRT) Circular.

CRT Circular: Professional learning and High Impact Teaching Strategies - June 2022

In this issue

  • Professional learning
  • High Impact Teaching Strategies
  • Professional viewing: setting goals
  • Employer Spotlight: DET surveys

Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Circular

The Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Circular keeps ITE providers and pre-service teachers up to date with the latest information on graduate intake and registration processes.

ITE Circular: Mid-year graduates apply for teacher registration with VIT now! - June 2022

In this issue

  • Now is the time for mid-year graduates to apply for teacher registration
  • Why is VIT registration important to the profession?
  • How does VIT regulate the teaching profession?
  • What are teachers' professional responsibilities?
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Disclaimer: The VIT regularly issues communications on important matters that may affect teacher registration. It is the responsibility of all registered teachers and their employers to read communications and ensure they are up to date with any potential changes to legislation or their registration. Registered teachers and their employers are, therefore, unable to unsubscribe from email communications from VIT.