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Registration card production stops during July and August due to the start of the new registration year.

As part of the process for moving to full registration, provisionally registered teachers / early childhood teachers (PRTs) are required to work with a mentor to help guide them through VIT’s Inquiry process. This mentoring support is central to the development of new teachers and those who have been out of the teaching profession for an extended period of time.

Any teacher who wishes to become a mentor for a PRT moving to full registration should participate in a VIT-approved mentoring program.

The VIT recommends participating in the Effective Mentoring Program (EMP). We have also been working closely with Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools and Independent Schools Victoria to extend the reach of mentoring programs across Victoria.

Effective Mentoring Program

About the EMP

The Effective Mentoring Program (EMP) is a free professional learning program developed and delivered in partnership with DE, and is open to fully registered teachers working in government, Catholic and independent schools and early childhood services.

This two-day program equips participants with mentoring skills to support beginning teachers and guide them through the provisional to full registration process.

A number of one-day refresher seminars will also be available for early childhood and school mentors who completed an EMP more than 3 years ago.

To be considered a VIT trained mentor, teachers must attend both days of the program within the same year.

Program structure

The EMP is structured as follows

Day 1

Day 2

  • mentoring skills
  • making teaching practice public
  • exploring options for observing practice
  • mentoring in practice
  • understanding the APST
  • role of mentors at each stage of the Inquiry
  • Inquiry samples of evidence
  • Victorian Code of Conduct and Ethics for teachers, and
  • recommendation process overview.

Attendance at all days as well as completion of the online course modules are required to complete the EMP and receive a certificate of completion.

EMP dates

Two-day EMP course

Location Day 1 Day 2 Format
Ballarat 13 March 2024 24 April 2024 Face-to-Face
Bendigo 24 July 2024 28 August 2024 Face-to-Face
Caroline Springs 12 June 2024 25 July 2024 Face-to-Face
Cranbourne / Pakenham 18 June 2024 20 August 2024 Face-to-Face
Dandenong 28 February 2024 19 April 2024 Face-to-Face
Doncaster 17 April 2024 4 June 2024 Face-to-Face
Geelong 7 May 2024 26 June 2024 Face-to-Face
Horsham 27 March 2024 23 May 2024 Face-to-Face
Melbourne (A) 20 February 2024 25 March 2024 Face-to-Face
Melbourne (B) 15 March 2024 29 April 2024 Face-to-Face
Melbourne (C) 16 May 2024 11 June 2024 Face-to-Face
Melbourne (D) 1 August 2024 5 September 2024 Face-to-Face
Mildura 14 August 2024 18 September 2024 Face-to-Face
Preston 23 April 2024 19 June 2024 Face-to-Face
Ringwood 18 July 2024 29 August 2024 Face-to-Face
Sale / Traralgon 5 March 2024 1 May 2024 Face-to-Face
Sandringham 19 March 2024 22 May 2024 Face-to-Face
Wangaratta 31 July 2024 4 September 2024 Face-to-Face
Warrnambool 7 August 2024 11 September 2024 Face-to-Face
Werribee 20 March 2024 28 May 2024 Face-to-Face
Wheelers Hill 7 March 2024 9 May 2024 Face-to-Face

One-day EMP refresher course

Location Day 1 Format
Melbourne (A) 1 March 2024 Face-to-Face
Melbourne (B) 5 June 2024 Face-to-Face
Melbourne (C) 8 August 2024 Face-to-Face

Online seminars

The EMP seminars will be delivered face-to-face, with a limited number of virtual seminars available to participants who are unable to access a face-to-face seminar.
Please contact for further information about eligibility.

How to book

Two-day EMP course

Participants will need to book both days - select your preferred day one as well as the corresponding day two. 

Sessions have been broken up into geographically determined cohorts so that any networking connections made can be easily built upon into the future. For example, participants living or working in Dandenong should book into the day one session on 16 March and the day 2 session on 16 May. 

For program continuity, it is recommended that participants stay with their original cohort, however if this is not possible, bookings for alternative second sessions (i.e. a different day 2) can be made.

Please contact the Effective Mentoring Program (EMP) Inbox at should the dates provided not be suitable for your needs. 

Book two-day course

One-day EMP refresher course

Participants need to book one day only.

Book refresher course

All booking and technical queries should be directed to Cambridge Education at

Useful Resource

The VIT has developed useful guides to assist mentors and provisionally registered teachers with the Inquiry process.

Other mentoring programs

While teachers from all sectors are welcome to register for the Effective Mentoring Program, VIT has been working closely with Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS), Sandhurst Diocese, Ballarat Diocese, Sale Diocese and Independent Schools Victoria (ISV) to extend the reach of mentoring programs across Victoria.

Mentor Coordinator Workshop

In response to feedback, VIT will again be offering a free Mentor Coordinator Workshop.

The workshop is tailored to those responsible for directing and supervising the induction, mentoring and application for full registration process for new and returning teachers.

It's expected that participants have completed the Effective Mentoring Program (EMP) or other approved VIT mentoring program within the last 3 years. The day will focus on strategies and processes to support workplaces and associated mentors to ensure a strong and supportive induction experience that underpins the VIT Inquiry process.

The 2023 Mentor Coordinator Workshops are fully booked.

PRT seminars

Each year, VIT delivers PRT seminars that assist PRTs move from provisional to full registration. The seminars cover

  • requirements for gaining full registration
  • evidence-based processes using the Inquiry process
  • professional obligations, including the Codes of Conduct and Ethics
  • access to information and resources.

In 2023, VIT will host a range of seminars, including seminars dedicated to casual relief teachers (CRTs).

Register for a PRT seminar


Last updated: 15 Feb 2024

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