Professional development

As a registered teacher or early childhood teacher, you will need to engage in at least 20 hours of professional development (PD) activities each year to renew your registration.

VIT uses the term professional development (PD) in reference to teacher registration and the renewal process, and recognises that it can also be referred to as professional learning (PL).

Professional learning framework 

Teachers refine their professional knowledge, skills, practice and values as described in the Code of Conduct and Ethics PDF, 3176.16 KB and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) PDF, 382.48 KB.

As professional learning can take a variety of forms, the professional learning framework outlines these opportunities to support teachers on their professional learning journey.

Interrelationships between ethical practice, professional knowledge and professional learning

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Choosing professional learning activities

VIT does not have a definitive list of required PD activities for renewal of registration. You should consider your individual PD needs in relation to your teaching context, the needs of your learners and the priorities of your learning environment or education sector.

Professional learning is an ongoing process supported by planned learning activities and programs designed to enhance professional knowledge, practice and engagement.

The VIT requirement to undertake 20 hours of PD for renewal of registration applies to all registered teachers equally, irrespective of whether they work full time, part time or on a casual basis.

Thinking about your professional practice in terms of the APST PDF, 382.48 KB will help you select professional learning activities to keep your knowledge and practice updated.

When selecting professional learning activities consider asking:

‘How does this activity contribute to my professional knowledge and how will I apply that knowledge to my practice to support the learning of those I teach?’

This explicitly highlights the connection between student learning and professional learning.
The Australian Charter for the Professional Learning of Teachers and School Leaders helps teachers and early childhood teachers to select and reflect on their professional development.

PD Ideas

If you’re looking for quality PD sources, there are a wide range of options - especially for teachers who work in circumstances that make it difficult to access PD. 

Explore a range of special needs professional learning activities.

Victoria’s professional teacher associations provide subject-specific professional learning and reading to help teachers develop their knowledge and practice, and demonstrate APST 2 and 7.4 every year.

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Types of professional learning activities

VIT expects PD activities used as evidence to be formal and / or informal learning experiences aimed at improving the teacher’s knowledge, practice and competencies in the APST.

Your PD must address at least one standard of the three domains of the APST.
  1. Professional knowledge
  2. Professional practice
  3. Professional engagement

The twenty hours of PD must be completed within each registration year.

For example:

If completing first aid training is an organisational requirement for you, then this will address APST 7.2 Comply with legislative, administrative and organisational requirements.

APST 7.2 is in the Professional Engagement domain of the standards, so to meet the PD requirements you will also have to complete PD that addresses at least one standard in the Professional Knowledge domain and one standard in the Professional Practice domain.

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FAQs for teachers

How much PD does a teacher need to do each year?

Teachers are required to undertake at least 20 hours of PD that is referenced to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) each registration year.

Is there a minimum PD requirement for provisionally registered teachers?

The 20 hours of professional development is a renewal of registration requirement for (fully) registered teachers. Provisionally registered teachers are not obligated to undertake set hours of PD to maintain provisional registration. It is expected that PRTs will continue their professional development through their inquiry in the (full) registration process.

Does PD have to be standards-referenced?

For registration and renewal purposes, teachers are required to complete at least 20 hours of professional development per year that is referenced to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST).

Teachers may complete additional PD during this period for other purposes.

What is a domain?

Domain is a term used to categorise the APST. There are three domains:

  1. Professional knowledge
  2. Professional practice
  3. Professional engagement

Teachers are required to address at least one standard in each domain through the PD they undertake each year.

How do I verify that the PD activity relates to the APST?

A written reflection of the PD activity can document how it addresses the professional standards.

How many standards do teachers need to address each year?

As part of a teacher’s renewal requirements, teachers must address at least one standard in each domain per year through the PD they undertake.

Is there a link between the standards and salary levels and / or performance review?

VIT does not make any link between the standards and salaries or performance review.

Any linking between the standards, career stages, salary levels and performance review is a matter for industrial agreements, jurisdictions, sectors and employers.

How do I record PD that spans more than one registration year?

There will be times when teachers are completing PD or study that spans two or more registration years. For instance, it could be extended professional development or post-graduate study.

There are two choices on how to record completion of this PD for registration and renewal purposes

  • record the total number of hours on the PD completion date; or
  • record the PD hours on completion of an element or module (e.g. if some elements of the PD were completed in the 2018 registration year and other elements in the following year, record the PD hours completed in each registration year on the completion date of that element or module).

What information needs to be recorded for evidence? 

It is recommended that teachers record the following information for registration and renewal purposes

  • date and duration of the PD activity
  • description of the PD activity
  • record of the standards addressed through the PD activity
  • reflection about the PD activity.

Teachers should retain certificates or acknowledgement letters as proof of attendance at an activity.

If I run a meeting, does this count as evidence of PD towards my renewal for registration hours? 

Where participation in a meeting means that a teacher is engaged in professional learning related to their knowledge and practice, this can be counted towards hours of professional development, whether the teacher is running the meeting or attending as a participant.

Does mentoring count as evidence of PD towards my renewal for registration hours?

Mentors work collaboratively and professionally with their colleagues to support effective teacher practice.

There is a clear relationship between the standards of professional practice and the role of a teacher mentor, in particular where a mentor engages in professional conversations.

VIT formally acknowledges the contribution of mentors who attend the two-day training delivered by VIT in partnership with the DET and with the support of the Catholic Education Office.

I supervise pre-service teachers. Does this count as evidence of PD towards my renewal for registration hours?

Supervising pre-service teachers contributes significantly to the continued learning of the profession.

To be a supervisor, there is a need to understand the requirements of pre-service courses and to engage in professional conversations that explore effective teaching and learning practice.

As learning with a direct relationship to the APST will occur, this activity can be counted towards the requirements for renewal of registration.

If I deliver professional development to teachers, does this count as evidence of PD towards my renewal for registration hours?

Where the preparation for delivery of professional development to colleagues requires the expansion of knowledge through reading or research, this time can be counted towards renewal of registration purposes.

Preparation or delivery to colleagues does not count where there is no component of individual professional learning.

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FAQs for providers of professional development

I am a provider of PD. What should I provide to teachers who participate in my PD activities?

VIT does not accredit PD. 

As a provider, if you wish to promote your PD for the purposes of renewal, you will need to ensure it is referenced against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Suggestions on wording

Completing the course ‘...............................’ will contribute xx hours of PD addressing the standards as listed from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher registration in Victoria.

Teachers who complete the modules / professional development will understand that this learning will assist in addressing the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers:

List of standard descriptors e.g.

2.1 Apply knowledge of content and teaching strategies of the teaching area(s) to develop engaging teaching activities.

3.2 Plan and implement well-structured learning and teaching programs or learning sequences that engage learners and promote learning.

3.6 Evaluate personal teaching and learning programs using evidence, including feedback and assessment, data from learners, to inform planning.

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