How do I register?

If you want to learn more about the different registration categories and options available, read our complete guide here.  

Applying for registration is a secure and simple online process. Please allow up to 6 weeks for an application to be assessed.

Registering as a graduate

If you are a recent graduate, discover everything you'll need to know about how to register with us as a graduate.

Registering as a teacher 

Learn how to register with us as a teacher here. 

Applying for provisional registration as a teacher

As a provisionally registered teacher, you are new to the profession and/or have not yet practised as a qualified teacher in an Australian or New Zealand school, or are returning to the teaching profession after an absence of five or more years.

Learn more about applying for provisional registration

Registering as an early childhood teacher

Learn how to register with us as an early childhood teacher.

Registering as a non-practising teacher 

If you are a teacher who holds (full) registration and you do not wish to renew your registration, we offer the option to register as non-practising.

Read about the process to register as non-practising.   

Applying for Permission to Teach

Read our guide on applying for Permission to Teach.

Applying for a Statement of Good Standing

If you are teaching overseas and the relevant teaching authority is seeking evidence of your previous registration in Victoria you can apply for a Statement of Good Standing.

You can apply for a Statement of Good Standing via your MyVIT account.