VIT’s Cross Border Policy for Waiver of Fees (July 2012)

Applications for waiver of the annual registration fee can be considered on the grounds that a person seeks to continue to hold their registration or be granted registration under the following criteria.

Inter-governmental agreement and approved exchange programs

Applicants who are on an approved exchange program from interstate or overseas or who are teaching in Victoria as part of a formal inter-government agreement and who will be working as teachers in Victoria for a limited period, are not required to pay either the application fee or annual registration fees.

Teachers maintaining accreditation in NSW – working in Victoria

If a person who is an accredited teacher in New South Wales (NSW) wishes to also work in Victoria, the VIT’s annual fee will be waived while the teacher maintains accreditation in NSW.

The teacher must apply for registration in Victoria in the usual way and pay the application fee. For the VIT annual registration fee to be waived, the teacher must:

  1. Complete the Application for Waiver of Fees form.
  2. Attach a certified copy of their NSW Accreditation.
  3. Mail these forms to the VIT.

This policy follows a reciprocal agreement between the VIT and the NSW Institute of Teachers to allow teachers who reside near the NSW-Victorian border to have flexibility to work in both jurisdictions without having to pay annual fees in both states.