Is there a separate category of registration for CRTs? Why does a CRT have to meet the same renewal requirements as all other teachers?

There is not a separate registration category for casual relief, relief or emergency teachers (CRTs). VIT is bound by the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (Vic) which determines the different categories of registration. VIT registers all teachers regardless of their employment status.

A CRT registered with VIT is able to undertake the full duties of a teacher at any time, and therefore VIT needs to be assured that all teachers, including CRTs, meet the required professional practice standards, regardless of their employment status. This is consistent with the national agreements that apply to all teacher regulators in Australia.

What counts as professional development?

VIT uses the term professional development (PD) in reference to teacher registration and the renewal process, and recognises that it can also be referred to as professional learning (PL).

VIT does not have a definitive list of required PD activities for renewal of registration. You should consider your individual PD needs in relation to your teaching context, the needs of your learners and the priorities of your learning environment or education sector.

Professional learning is an ongoing process supported by planned learning activities and programs designed to enhance professional knowledge, practice and engagement.

You should engage in a range of activities that update your professional knowledge and practice. These may be undertaken individually or with colleagues, in your learning environment or externally and online or face-to-face. More information on what can constitutes PD is outlined here. Please note individual education settings may have specific professional development requirements for employment purposes.

The Teacher Learning Network (TLN) and the Department of Education will continue to provide free PD to all casual relief, relief, relieving and emergency teachers (CRTs) in 2019. To access this free PD go to and register to become a member. All courses address the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and contribute to your VIT PD requirements for renewal of registration.

What constitutes a teaching day for renewal of registration?

A day of teaching as a CRT in a school setting can be determined by your payslip. For example, if you are employed for one day as a CRT, this will constitute a day of teaching for VIT renewal purposes, if you are employed for half a day this will constitute half a day of teaching for VIT renewal purposes.

If you are employed sessionally, a day of teaching is approximately 7.6 hours. The hours can consist face-face teaching time, as well as any time spent planning for the learning or assessing learners.

If you are unable to meet at least 20 days teaching in the past 12 months, you will be provided with the option at renewal to declare you have undertaken

  • 40 days in the previous two years; 
  • 60 days in the previous three years;
  • 80 days in the previous four years; or
  • 100 days in the previous five years.

If you are not currently employed as a teacher, you may also accumulate 20 days of practice through equivalent practice or educational leadership. 

Through equivalent practice you can

  • plan, teach and assess an approved curriculum to school aged learners; and
  • connect your practice to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

Educational leadership may involve activities such as

  • developing resources and materials for use by teachers in schools or early childhood services;
  • research into teaching and learning and the dissemination of that knowledge to teachers and / or other educational leaders;
  • policy development to support and improve teaching and learning; and
  • working with teachers, either individually or collectively, to support and improve their professional knowledge and practice.

More information on these categories can be found here.