Resources and support for EC providers

To assist you with any queries about teacher registration, please email us. Alternatively, we provide a dedicated Early Childhood hotline - 1300 977 263 - which operates Monday to Friday from 9am-4pm.     

All teachers who are employed or engaged as an early childhood teacher (ECT) in an education and care service, a Victorian children's service or an early learning centre in a school must be registered with VIT.

If you employ or engage an educator or staff member in a position that does not require them to be a qualified ECT, they are not required to register with us.

ECTs must be registered

It is the teacher’s responsibility to ensure they are registered.

Employers must only engage a person in the role of an ECT if they are a registered ECT, however there are some exceptions to this requirement. Employers may engage a person who is not a registered ECT to undertake the duties of an early childhood teacher if they:

  • hold a temporary approval granted by the Secretary of the Department of Education and Training
  • are replacing a registered early childhood teacher for a period not exceeding 12 weeks under regulation 135 of the National Regulations.

The employer portal

The employer portal is a secure online facility enabling Victorian early childhood services and providers and their authorised delegates to:

  • confirm the current registration status of early childhood teachers employed at their service(s)
  • seek the current registration status of an early childhood teacher they may wish to employ
  • have edit-access for searching, adding or removing teachers to maintain their ‘All Teachers’ list
  • access and complete a recommendation for (full) registration assigned to their service by a provisionally registered early childhood teacher
  • view messages and any other correspondence from us.

Learn more about how to access and use the employer portal

Early Childhood Circular - email communication with EC Services

We regularly email early childhood service providers important information about teacher registration via Early Childhood Circulars.

Please update your details vie the employer portal if your service’s email or postal address has changed.

Read previous editions of the EC Circulars here.

More information

Checking a teacher's registration status

A registered teacher doesn't need to be in possession of their registration card to prove they are registered to teach.

You can check whether a teacher is currently registered to teach and what type of registration they hold by:

  • accessing the register of teachers
  • viewing your ‘All Teachers’ list within the employer portal (for teachers linked to your education setting)
  • asking to see the teacher's current VIT registration card (valid to the expiry date indicated on the card).

Working with Children Check – important information for employers

A teacher registered with us will hold a current Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC). The NCCHC exempts teachers from also having to acquire a Working with Children Check (WWCC).

Providing support for teachers wishing to renew their (full) registration

Read about recency of practice and teacher renewal requirements.