Notifying us about teacher concerns

From 1 September 2019, reporting obligations of principals, early childhood managers and registered teachers will change. Read more about these changes here.

If you become aware of a criminal offence

Notify us straight away if you become aware that a registered teacher you employ is

  • charged with;
  • committed for trial for; or
  • convicted or found guilty of

a Category A offence or Category B offence.

Category A offences include

  • various sexual offences committed by adults against children
  • offences relating to child abuse material
  • grooming
  • murder
  • attempted murder.

Category B offences include 

  • sexual offences against an adult
  • sexual offences by a child against another child
  • various violence offences
  • various drug offences.

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If you become aware of a WWC exclusion (previously known as a negative notice)

A WWC exclusion is issued to someone who has made an application to Working with Children Check Victoria for a working with children assessment notice, and has been refused. This means that the person is not permitted to engage in child related work.

If you have taken action against a registered teacher

As an employer of a registered teacher, you need to inform us if you have taken any action against a registered teacher in response to an allegation(s) of:

You should only notify us of action taken against a registered teacher:

  • once your investigation is finalised (i.e. a decision to stand a teacher down from their duties during an investigation would not constitute an action)
  • if you have found one or more of the above allegations proven
  • if you have taken action in relation to those allegations, which may include:
    • a formal warning or reprimand
    • a financial penalty
    • a reduction in classification


  • suspension or termination of employment.

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If the registered teacher’s employment ceases prior to action being taken

In the interests of public protection, we need you to notify us when:

  • you are investigating one or more of the above allegations
  • the teacher leaves your employment before any action is taken (i.e. through resignation or by mutual agreement).

In these circumstances, we can consider exercising our powers to investigate the concerns.

Notifying us about teacher concerns

 If you need to inform us about teacher concerns, it must be in writing and include:

  • a description of the allegations you proved and the action you took
  • in cases where the teacher’s employment ceased prior to you taking any action, a description of the concerns
  • relevant documentation associated with the allegations, which may include:
    • statements of complainants and the identity of witnesses
    • complaints received by you or the school about the registered teacher (including from staff, parents and students)
    • correspondence between you and the registered teacher concerning the allegations
    • any statements or responses received from the registered teacher (or their representative)
    • the registered teacher’s letter of resignation
    • investigation reports and materials
    • any other relevant information.

If you are notifying us about allegations of serious incompetence, you should also include:

  • a description of the registered teacher’s performance assessed against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (PDF, 640.01 KB)
  • the registered teacher’s performance appraisals across the period they were employed by you
  • classroom observations
  • the teacher’s planning, assessment and evaluation documentation
  • details of any performance management processes and support (including relevant professional development)
  • details of any similar concerns or issues arising in the registered teacher’s previous employment.

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