We are empowered to investigate a range of concerns about registered teachers to ensure teachers meet high ethical standards and are fit to teach. These include:

  • misconduct
  • serious misconduct
  • serious incompetence
  • fitness to teach
  • an impairment that adversely affects a teacher’s ability to teach.

What is misconduct?

Misconduct is the conduct of a teacher occurring in connection with the practice of teaching that is of a lesser standard than a member of the public, or members of the teaching profession are entitled to expect from a reasonably proficient teacher.

What is serious misconduct?

Serious misconduct generally involves a substantial departure from the accepted standards of the profession, including conduct that is found to be:

  • infamous
  • disgraceful
  • dishonourable
  • shameful.

What is serious incompetence?

Registered teachers are required to achieve and maintain an acceptable level of competence in their practice.

Serious incompetence refers to a situation where a teacher is failing to meet the Australian Professional Standards of Teaching (APST) to such a degree that their whole approach to teaching:

  • is fundamentally flawed
  • defeats the cause of imparting knowledge to students.

A momentary lapse in performance will not generally indicate serious incompetence.

What is a lack of fitness to teach?

Fitness to teach is defined as whether the character, reputation and conduct of a person are such that the person should be allowed to teach in a school.

A teacher’s behaviour, whether in the practice of teaching or in their private lives, may demonstrate qualities of a kind that indicate that person is not fit to practice as a teacher.

What is an impairment?

Impairment is defined as a:

  • physical or mental impairment
  • disability, condition or disorder (including substance abuse or dependence).

We are able to investigate if a teacher’s ability to practice as a teacher is seriously affected, detrimentally affected, or likely to be affected, due to an impairment.

What criminal offences does VIT respond to?

We are able to respond to different types of criminal offences including:

  • sexual offences
  • indictable offences
  • offences connected with the requirements of registration.

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