VIT surveys over 4,000 CRTs (casual relief, emergency, relieving and relief teachers) each year to understand their professional learning needs and experiences in meeting and maintaining registration requirements.

In partnership with the Department of Education and Training and the Teacher Learning Network, VIT CRT Support will use the results of the survey to inform the development of resources and information specifically tailored to support CRTs to understand and maintain registration requirements. This may include presentations through agencies, unions and CRT networks; webinars; FAQs and any other targeted assistance we can offer.

2018 survey results

The key findings of the 2018 CRT survey can be found below. Click here to download a copy.

Read the full report PDF, 1715.07 KB.

CRT survey results 2018

2017 survey results

In 2017 we conducted a similar survey and in response to CRT’s feedback, VIT has developed a range of resources to support CRTs including:

  • delivering PRT CRT webinars; 
  • publishing the CRT companion guide for CRT PRTs; 
  • establishing the CRT mailing list; 
  • creating a CRT webpage; 
  • publishing CRT specific articles on VIT’s website; and 
  • presenting on VIT registration, Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and VIT’s Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics to CRTs through, AEU/IEU CRT conferences, CRTnetworks and CRT agencies.

The key findings of the 2017 CRT survey can be found below. Click here to download a copy.

CRT survey results