Working in educational leadership

Educational leaders may not be teaching but their work will directly influence teaching and learning in educational environments. They are creating the environment for the teachers they are working with to enable learners to learn.

Educational leadership may involve such things as:

  • Providing leadership in a school or early childhood service
  • Developing resources and materials for use by teachers in schools or early childhood services
  • Research into teaching and learning and the dissemination of that knowledge to teachers and/or other educational leaders
  • Policy development to support and improve teaching and learning
  • Working with teachers, either individually or collectively to support and improve their professional knowledge and practice.

Teachers working as educational leaders may have leadership roles in schools or early childhood services but could be working:

  • In a regional office
  • In a local council or kindergarten cluster group
  • In an organisation providing services and/or support to schools and early childhood services
  • In an education union such as the AEU or IEU
  • With the DET, VCAA, CEO or ISV
  • With a professional teaching association
  • Undertaking research into teaching and learning or education related issues
  • As an educational consultant or as a leader in the area of teacher professional development.