If my registration has been suspended

Suspension of registration occurs if you have not made the required payment of your registration fee and / or did not update your National Police History Check (NPHC) by the due date.

The Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (the Act) outlines the requirements and penalties relating to the suspension of a teacher’s registration. 

Under the Act, suspension of registration means that you will not be registered and cannot teach in any Victorian school for the duration of your suspension – you cannot undertake duties of a teacher until the suspension has been revoked.  

You can apply to have your suspension revoked by:

  • paying the outstanding fees;
  • completing all the registration tasks;
  • writing a satisfactory explanation for your failure to pay; and / or
  • updating your NPHC by the due date.

You will also need to submit the online revocation of suspension form.

We will consider the following matters in relation to whether your explanation is satisfactory:

  • previous correspondence forwarded by the VIT and any reply received
  • the period of time elapsed since you were registered
  • whether you have worked in a Victorian school
  • whether you have been on leave from your employer, and the nature of that leave
  • any circumstances that meant you were unlikely to be aware of registration requirements.

Your suspension may be revoked from the date we determine that your explanation is satisfactory, and confirmed receipt of fees.

Period of suspension of registration

If your suspension is not successfully revoked, the suspension remains in force until your registration would otherwise expire (e.g. at the conclusion of the designated period of provisional registration / permission to teach, or when (full) registration is due to be renewed). 

At that time, your registration will expire – in which case you forego all previously granted registration entitlements, and will be required to go through the applicable processes and criteria for registration as a new applicant.