Renewing my registration

Renewal of registration is a requirement for registered teachers and registered early childhood teachers. It is not a requirement for provisionally registered teachers, provisionally registered early childhood teachers or teachers holding permission to teach.  

All teachers, including those holding provisional registration or permission to teach, may still need to 

  • update their Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC) if it is due to expire in the next annual registration period
  • pay the annual registration fee and any other required fees.

By 30 September every year, you renew your registration by completing an online application for renewal in your MyVIT account.

To successfully renew your registration, you will need to make declarations

  • about your continuing suitability to be a teacher
  • that you have practised for at least 20 days as a teacher / educational leader (or undertaken equivalent practice)
  • that you have completed at least 20 hours of professional development activity that references the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers.

If you are unable to meet at least 20 days teaching in the past 12 months, you will be provided with the option to declare you have undertaken either

  • 40 days in the previous two years; 
  • 60 days in the previous three years;
  • 80 days in the previous four years;
  • 100 days in the previous five years. 

If you are not currently teaching, or cannot meet the professional practice requirements to renew your registration, you can apply to register with us as non-practising. Learn more about applying for non-practising registration here.

Reportable Conduct

On 1 July 2017 the Victorian Government introduced the Reportable Conduct Scheme (‘Scheme’) to better protect children from harm.

The Commission for Children and Young People (‘the Commission’) is responsible for administering the Scheme.

The Scheme requires certain organisations providing services to children, including schools, to report to the Commission allegations of child abuse or child-related misconduct committed by workers or volunteers.

There are five types of reportable conduct

  1. sexual offences committed against, with or in the presence of a child
  2. sexual misconduct committed against, with or in the presence of a child
  3. physical violence against, with or in the presence of a child
  4. any behaviour that causes significant emotional or psychological harm to a child
  5. significant neglect of a child.

From the 2017 renewal period and beyond, you will be required to declare if you have been the subject of a reportable conduct matter and provide information about the circumstances of that matter.

This information will be used to assess your ongoing suitability to teach children.

To learn more about the Scheme and to find out more information on what is reportable conduct, please go to the Commission’s website.

Registration renewal in two divisions

If you are registered you will only need to complete the renewal of registration process once. The responses you give to the questions asked will apply to both registrations.

Successfully renewing registration in one division will mean that your registration in the other division is also renewed.

If you are registered in one division and hold non-practising registration in the other division and successfully renew your registration, this will result in you becoming registered in both divisions.

registration in two categories example 

Special needs requirements for renewal

Many of you have undertaken professional development (PD) activities that have developed your capability to teach learners with a disability (special needs).

You are encouraged to further your capability through your PD selection and use this to renew.

Find more about Special Needs PD to improve learning outcomes for learners with a disability.

How to complete your annual registration tasks

Watch the video below to find out everything you need to know about completing your annual registration tasks.

To view a transcript of this video, email us.

watch video

Recency of practice

To renew your registration as a teacher, you need to maintain recency of practice by engaging in teaching, equivalent practice or educational leadership during the renewal period.

Professional development

Find out about professional development activities, how to keep a record of your activities and providing teacher professional development.