Freedom of Information statement

VIT's Freedom of Information statement

Pursuant to Part II of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (FOI Act), this information statement contains details regarding the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) on the following matters

  1. Organisation and functions
  2. Categories of documents
  3. FOI arrangements
  4. Publications
  5. Rules, policies, and procedures
  6. Report literature

This statement has been prepared in accordance with Part II of the FOI Act.

Statement 1 - Organisation and functions

VIT is the regulator of the teaching profession and responsible for

  • recognising and regulating members of the teaching profession
  • developing, maintaining and promoting a code of conduct for the teaching profession
  • granting registration or permission to teach in Victorian schools
  • granting registration to teach in early childhood services
  • maintaining a register of teachers and early childhood teachers
  • approving initial teacher education courses
  • investigating the conduct, competence, and fitness to teach of registered teachers
  • maintaining a Register of Disciplinary Action

Information about VIT's structure, function, governing legislation and organisational structure can be found on the VIT website and in VIT Annual Reports.

Information about how to make a request for access to information under the FOI Act can be found below. Members of the public can contact VIT, seeking information on any aspect of its work.

Ministerial responsibility for VIT is with the Minister for Education. VIT is required to advise the Minister on any matters concerning teachers and early childhood teachers, and must give due regard to any advice given by the Minister in relation to the exercise of its powers or performance of its functions.

VIT is governed by a Council. The Council has formed the following sub-committees as part of its governance arrangements; Audit and Finance Committee, Professional Conduct Committee, Accreditation Committee, Remuneration Committee, Registration Committee and Stakeholder Engagement Committee.

Membership of the VIT Council is by nomination from the Minister for Education and appointment by the Governor in Council. 

Committee membership is by approval of the Council.

VIT regularly enters into consultation with its stakeholders, including members of the teaching profession and parents, in the delivery of VIT’s functions. Feedback is welcomed and may be directed to

Statement 2 - Categories of documents

A majority of the documents that VIT creates and handles relate to applications for teacher registration under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 (the Act) and matters related to those registrations.

VIT maintains two public registers: a Register of teachers and a Register of disciplinary action.

Administrative and operational documents

Documents held by VIT are in respect of the administrative and operational functions including

  • correspondence
  • meeting records
  • financial records
  • policies and procedures
  • publications
  • investigation files.

VIT holds a range of administrative documents relating to the operation and functions of the office. Such documents include financial records; information management records; resource management records; communications records; records relating to property (e.g. leases and storage sites); certification documents; personnel records relating to VIT employees; corporate strategic documents; and OH&S records.

Policy and procedure documents

VIT holds a range of policy and procedure documents relating to areas including, teacher registration, ICT, finance, recruitment, employment conditions, OH&S and facilities.


VIT also holds a range of publications, such as videos podcasts, newsletters, web pages and outreach seminar material.

Statement 3 - FOI arrangements

FOI requests must be made in writing, accompanied by the application fee of $29.60 (non-refundable unless the fee is waived) and addressed to

The Freedom of Information Officer
Victorian Institute of Teaching
Level 9, 628 Bourke Street
Melbourne Vic 3000

Once a request is received, VIT will process the request in accordance with the FOI Act.

Statement 4 - Publications

VIT publishes a range of documents that are made available to the public free of charge via our website.

The following categories of information are available from the Forms and Publications section of the VIT website

  • Forms
  • Newsletters
  • Principal circulars
  • Early childhood circulars
  • Annual Reports
  • Useful links

Statement 5 - Rules, policies, and procedures

VIT is responsible for ensuring compliance with the provisions of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006.

VIT holds policy and guidance documents relating to its administration of the Act.

VIT publishes these documents on its website which provide guidance about how VIT processes applications for registration, assesses qualification for registration, conducts investigations and handles complaints.

That material includes documents that contain interpretations or particulars of the Act, and information about the procedures adopted for conducting VIT’s work.

The VIT website can be searched for these documents.

VIT also has a range of policies and procedures to govern its daily operations and support the administrative functions of VIT. These include

Statement 6 - Report literature

VIT produces an annual report. These reports can be viewed and downloaded from the VIT website.

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