The Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) is an independent statutory authority for the teaching profession, whose primary function is to regulate members of the teaching profession.

It is a legal requirement for all teachers to be registered with VIT in order to be employed in a school or early childhood education and care service or Victorian children’s service.

The VIT was established by the Victorian Institute of Teaching Act 2001 in December 2002.

The Education and Training Reform Act 2006 [the Act] amalgamated all relevant education and training Acts (including the Victorian Institute of Teaching Act 2001), and was proclaimed 1 July 2007.

Further substantial amendments to the legislation were enacted in 2010, with effect from 1 January 2011. The VIT continues in operation under and subject to the Act (as amended).

In the conduct of its regulatory functions, VIT is bound by the Victorian Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and the Health Records Act 2001, and therefore must comply with the Information Privacy Principles (IPPs) and the Health Privacy Principles (HPPs). These govern the collection, use, handling and disclosure of personal and sensitive information and health information. Personal information is information that relates to an identifiable living person. Personal information may take many forms, including images.

Our purpose

To regulate for a highly qualified, proficient and reputable teaching profession.

VIT Strategic Plan 2018-2020

This plan articulates our vision for the future based on our need to respond to growing community expectations while ensuring the teaching profession in Victoria is respected for its crucial role in delivering excellence in education.

Download a copy of the VIT Strategic Plan 2018-2020 PDF, 214.5 KB

Teacher registration fast facts (2018-19)

The teaching profession continues to grow in Victoria, from 130,856 registered teachers in 2018 to a projected 139,000 in 2022.

Download a copy of the below statistical breakdown of registered teachers in Victoria PDF, 1771.43 KB.

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