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Teachers don't need to be in possession of their registration card to prove they are registered to teach. 
The Register of teachers displays all the necessary details to confirm your registration, such as your name, registration number, initial registration date and expiry date. Your employer can also confirm your status via their employer portal. 

Did you know that you can apply for a replacement registration card via your MyVIT account?

Simply navigate to the ‘Request a replacement card’ tile via ‘Manage my registration’, follow the prompts and submit the request along with the associated payment. Your request will then be handled by one of our representatives, and your new card should arrive within 20 business days. We have also compiled a list of FAQs on how to use MyVIT.

Please note that requests for replacement cards are closed by 1 July each year in preparation for the upcoming annual registration period. Card production recommences in mid-August. Once you have completed your annual registration tasks and paid your annual registration fee, a new card will be issued.

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