School principals and early childhood managers

What are my current reporting obligations as a principal of a school or manager of an early childhood service?

Employers of registered teachers must continue to notify VIT of the following information:

  • any action taken against the registered teacher in response to the following allegations;
    • serious incompetence;
    • serious misconduct;
    • unfitness to be a teacher; or
    • the teacher’s ability to practice as a teacher is seriously detrimentally affected or likely to be seriously detrimentally affected because of an impairment.
  • any other action that may be relevant to the teacher’s fitness to teach.

From 1 September 2019, employers of registered teachers must also notify VIT if the registered teacher:

  • is currently charged with, or has been convicted or found guilty of a category A offence or category B offence; or
  • has been given a negative notice.