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2017 Excellence in Language, Literacy & Numeracy Practice Award Winner

Why is Registration Important Excellence

Demonstrated excellence in teaching and learning
Kathrin Colgan
VCE Senior Educator, Chisholme TAFE

I am a VIT registered teacher, having previously worked in foundation programs, and now VCE at Chisholm TAFE. I won the Excellence in Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice Award at the Australian Training Awards in November last year.

Since winning the award I have come to realise it is about so much more than winning. Becoming a VET Alumni of the training awards means being an ambassador for both what can be achieved in the VET sector, as well as promoting the importance of language, literacy and numeracy as a foundation for all learning. 

I have been a part of VALBEC, conferences, run workshops and many focus groups. I have also become a VCE Senior Educator and now working with a great team. 

My message to teachers is to take time to recognise your achievements, no matter how small you feel they are, and shout them from the roof tops because your individual success story is our collective success.

Read more about Kathrin's Excellence in Language, Literacy & Numeracy Practice award and career achievements here.

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