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Transcripts of our videos and podcasts can also be obtained by contacting VIT.

Meet the CEO: Peter Corcoran

The VIT Council is very pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Corcoran as our new Chief Executive Officer. Peter has a wealth of relevant experience and a passionate commitment to delivering quality service to Victorian citizens. Meet our new CEO and hear what he has to say about VIT’s future. 

Meet the VIT Council: Angela Stringer

Council Member Angela Stringer is a teacher with over 30 years’ experience. Angela talks about her teaching background, her role as a member of VIT’s Council, and the importance of teaching as a profession.  

Meet the VIT Council: Mick Butler

Mick Butler is a teacher with over 40 years’ experience. Mick talks about his teaching and VIT Council background, as well as the importance of VIT in helping to safeguard children and maintain best teaching standards. 

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