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Transcripts of our videos and podcasts can also be obtained by contacting VIT.


Intro: How to become fully registered

1: What you need before you begin

2: How to choose the learners for your evidence based process

3: How to develop your Inquiry question

4: How to work with your mentor or experienced colleague

5: How to develop and implement your action plan

6: How to evaluate your practice

7: How to present to the recommendation panel

8: Other Contexts

Tips and examples

The Inquiry Process: Presenting to a panel

Kindergarten teacher Jessica Ciuciu presents evidence gathered during her inquiry process (and elsewhere) that demonstrates she has met the APST.

The Inquiry Process: Julie Glass provides tips for teachers

Registered teacher Julie Glass offers advice on undertaking the Inquiry process.

The Inquiry Process: Tips for early childhood teachers

If you're a provisionally registered early childhood teacher, about to begin the Inquiry process to move to full registration, watch this video on how to make things easier.  

Tips for ECT mentors, PRTs and panel members

Early childhood teacher mentor Priscilla Boissezon offers advice for mentors and PRTs. 

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