If you are a (fully) registered teacher, in order to maintain your registration you will need to undertake at least 20 hours of professional development activities referenced to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) each registration period.

MyPD is an online tool available through your MyVIT account. This allows you to log your PD, identify the APST the PD activity relates to, and reflect on your learning and how it will improve your practice.

Using MyPD is not compulsory, however, for casual relief, relieving and emergency teachers (CRTs) it provides an easy and effective way to stay on top of maintaining your registration. It also means that if you are randomly audited by VIT for your annual renewal, you already have evidence of all of your PD hours to provide to us, which can take away the stress during renewal of registration time.

VIT has no list of required PD activities for renewal of registration. You should consider your individual professional learning needs in relation to your context of teaching, the needs of your learners and the priorities of your learning environment or education sector.

Thinking about professional practice in terms of the APST will help you select PD activities that will keep your knowledge and practice updated. When selecting PD activities consider asking

‘How does this activity contribute to my professional knowledge and how will I apply this knowledge to my practice to support the learning of those I teach?’

More information regarding what can be considered professional learning for the purposes of renewal of registration can be found here.

Free / low cost professional learning

The following list provides options for low cost or free PD that may be relevant to CRTs. VIT does not currently accredit or endorse professional learning, these are suggestions only.


The Teacher Learning Network (TLN) and the Department of Education will continue to provide free PD to all CRTs in 2019. All courses address the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and contribute to your VIT PD requirements for renewal of registration. 

Provisionally registered CRTs will also benefit from participating in these courses.

CRTPD has developed the following videos to assist you in navigating their digital learning environment.

Introduction to Digital Learning

Introduction to the new CRTPD.com

Introduction to the new Learning Management System

For more information visit the TLN website or contact TLN on crtpd@tln.org.au.

Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL)

AITSL provides a range of resources to support your professional learning, including examples of practice mapped against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and teacher reflection and assessment tools.

Special needs

VIT provides a list of free and low cost PD related to learners with a disability.


The Victorian Association for the Teaching of English (VATE) is a not for profit professional association for anyone who teaches English. Many CRTs and teachers in Victoria teach English, Literature, English Language and English as an Additional Language when it is not their primary area of expertise. VATE offers professional learning events, custom publications and online networks to support and advise anyone who teaches English. CRTs can join VATE at the reduced rate of $105.


The Department of Education and training provides a series of resources for teachers aligned to the Victorian Curriculum (some resources are only available to teachers with an edumail e-mail address).

Teacher Learning Network (TLN)

TLN is a provider of professional development for teachers and staff in early childhood, primary and secondary settings. TLN uses a variety of formats to engage in professional learning, including live sessions or On Demand recordings for you to view at a convenient time. TLN runs a series of CRT conferences on behalf of the IEU and AEU.