Registration categories

Registered teacher

All teachers practising in Victorian schools are required to be registered with us.

Being a registered teacher means that you are a qualified teaching professional who has demonstrated the following requirements:

Provided you have acceptable teaching experience after receiving your qualification, we offer two options that will grant you (full) registration as a teacher. Read more about these options.

If you are ready to apply for (full) registration, read about the process of applying for teacher registration.   

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Provisionally registered teacher

As a provisionally registered teacher, you are new to the profession and/or have not yet practised as a qualified teacher in an Australian or New Zealand school, or are returning to the teaching profession after an absence of five or more years.

Provisional registration is granted until you are able to meet the standards at the Proficient Teacher level. We provide you with a period of two years to demonstrate you:

  • can apply your knowledge in teaching situations where you have full professional responsibility for the learning of students
  • have met the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • have had at least 80 days teaching experience in an Australian or New Zealand school.

Learn more about provisional registration or read our detailed guide on moving from provisional to (full) registration.

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Early childhood teacher

If you are employed as an early childhood teacher (ECT) in a Victorian children’s education and care service or children’s service, you need to be registered with us. Once you have registered, your name will appear on the register of teachers.

Being registered as an ECT demonstrates you are a teaching professional who: 

  • holds a qualification approved or recognised by the Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA) 
  • maintains professional practice at the Proficient Teacher level
  • is suitable to teach 
  • is exempt from a Working with Children Check

If you are an educator or staff member employed in an education and care service or children's service and don’t hold an approved early childhood teaching qualification, you won't be required to register with us. 

Learn more about early childhood teacher registration including how to register as an ECT.

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Non-practising teacher

If you are a teacher who holds (full) registration but you are unable to meet the professional practice requirements for renewal of registration, we offer the option to register as non-practising.

You can apply to register as 'non-practising' at the time of renewal if you hold (full) registration but are not currently working. Registering as non-practising will maintain your continued suitability and fitness to teach, and exempts you from requiring a Working with Children check

You can hold non-practising registration for as long as you require provided you:

If you are registered as non-practising, you must not teach in any Victorian primary, secondary or special school, and you cannot be employed or engaged as a registered early childhood teacher in a Victorian education and care service or a Victorian children’s service. You will need to notify us each year to retain your non-practising status.

Learn more about non-practising teacher registration or read information on how to return to teaching from non-practising registration.

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Permission to Teach

Holding Permission to Teach (PTT) means you have been offered short-term employment to undertake the duties of a teacher in delivering and/or assessing student participation in the school’s curriculum program. If you hold PTT, then you are NOT registered as a qualified teacher.

Learn more about PTT including how and when you need to apply.

Statement of Good Standing

A Statement of Good Standing is not a registration category but is generally required if you are teaching overseas and the relevant teaching authority is seeking evidence of your previous registration in Victoria.

If you have applied with us to be a new teacher, a Statement of Good Standing will confirm that:

  • you hold the qualifications required for registration
  • you have been held in good standing while being registered with us.

The only situation in which you will not be eligible for a statement is if your registration has been cancelled / suspended as a result of disciplinary action or through VIT’s power of interim suspension.

Once we have received payment, your statement will be processed and posted to the address you nominate on the form.

You can request the statement to be sent directly to another authority. We will send you an email confirming the letter has been sent to the nominated authority, and include a scanned copy of the statement for your records.

Access the Statement of Good Standing form through your MyVIT account.

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Registration conditions

Teachers may have conditions placed on their registration. If a teacher has a condition, it will be noted on their registration card, and may also appear on the employer portal or public register.

A registration card stating ‘This teacher’s registration has conditions’ can relate to any of the following condition types

  • agreed - conditions imposed on a teacher’s registration, or imposed through a voluntary agreement with the teacher, which may relate to concerns about health or conduct
  • literacy and numeracy – conditions placed on a graduate teacher who is yet to pass the national Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education
  • special needs – conditions placed on teachers who have not yet met the special needs requirement for professional development
  • returning from non-practising – conditions placed on teachers returning to teaching after a period of leave to complete 20 days of teaching and 20 hours of professional development

Conditions are usually for a period of 6-12 months, with documentation required to meet the condition; this may differ depending on individual circumstances.

VIT is unable to provide specific details of the condition(s) on a teacher’s registration - all enquiries in relation to a condition(s) on a particular teacher’s registration should be directed to that individual.