As a provisionally registered teacher

  • You are not required to do 20 hours of PD to maintain your registration, however, it is a good for your professional practice to undertake professional learning.
  • As a PRT, you are expected to undertake professional learning as you work through the provisional to (full) registration process.
  • Your provisional registration does not expire on 30 September - this is when you pay your registration and will bring you in-line with the annual registration process for future years. Search the register to check the date your provisional registration expires.
  • Your provisional to (full) registration sample of evidence does not have a maximum / minimum word count or due date.

Provisional registration is granted for two years, in which time you will need to demonstrate you meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) at the Proficient Teacher level. 

Making a new application for provisional registration

To meet your responsibilities as a registered teacher, before the end of your second year of provisional registration you should:

  • apply for (full) registration; or
  • submit a new application for provisional registration before the expiry date shown on your registration card.

If this is the case or you have other exceptional circumstances preventing you from meeting the requirements, you may need to apply for a further period of provisional registration.

If you are unable to gain regular employment at a school or early childhood service, you may not be in a position to demonstrate you have achieved the Proficient Teacher standards for (full) registration.

To make a new application for provisional registration, log in to your MyVIT account and complete the Application for Provisional Registration form.

The information you have provided in your previous application for registration, such as evidence of qualifications, will be taken into account when you submit a new application.