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New backfill funding for early childhood Effective Mentoring Program

Support your early childhood teachers to access professional learning opportunities

A backfill contribution of up to 2 days is available for early childhood participants to attend the 2024 Effective Mentoring Program

Available through the Department of Education, services can apply for a maximum of two days per participant in a 12-month period.

Mentoring and the Effective Mentoring Program

Mentoring support is central to the professional development of new teachers and those who have been out of the teaching profession for an extended period of time. Regardless of how experienced a teacher mentor is, the act of mentoring is a valuable form of professional development. Learn about the benefits of becoming a teacher mentor

Support available will depend on which program the employee participates in. For the 2-day program, services can apply for 2 days of backfill support. For the 1-day refresher course, services can apply for 1 day of backfill support.

Reimbursement claims must be submitted after the employee participates in a program and are due before 14 October 2024

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