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Registration card production stops during July and August due to the start of the new registration year.

New changes to MyPD to improve the user experience

As part of our continued effort to develop a new teacher registration system that improves the way VIT interacts with teachers and their employers, we have made some changes to the MyPD tool in your MyVIT account. The following changes will improve your user experience and provide a helpful tool to record your professional development activities undertaken throughout the year.

You can access the MyPD tool by logging into your MyVIT account and clicking on the MyPD icon.

What is new in MyPD?

MyPD homepage

1. Easily sort and keep track of your professional development activities by clicking on any of the headings listed below

  • Registration year (new column) - simply filter by the registration year and it will show you how many PD hours you have completed in that registration year.
  • Date
  • Title
  • Description
  • PD type (new column)
  • Duration (hours)
  • Relevant APST.

For your convenience, you can now export all of your professional development activities into a PDF.

Add the PD activity 

2. Conveniently add the PD type when creating a new professional development activity

  • Conference
  • Webinar / online module
  • Professional reading
  • Professional discussion
  • Professional learning community discussion / work
  • Observations and feedback
  • Other

3. Easily select one or more of the relevant Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) principles related to your professional development activity using the tick box

4. Clearly reflect on your professional development activity by answering the guided reflection questions which conveniently allows for more content. 

We have also provided clear instructions on how to upload your documents and updated the function to save all previously entered information (including APST selected).

Login to your MyVIT account to check out the changes and use the new MyPD tool.

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