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Your teaching career is just around the corner – apply for registration today

Schools and early childhood centres across Victoria are currently making staffing arrangements for 2024 and looking to employ graduate teachers. If you are in your final semester of study, you should apply for registration with VIT now to ensure you are able to commence your teaching position next year.

Legislation requires that all people undertaking the duties of a teacher or early childhood teacher in a Victorian school or early childhood service must be registered with VIT. This ensures only qualified and suitable people are teaching Victorian children and young people.


Advice for PSTs on applying for VIT registration 

  1. apply now so your application can be assessed while you are looking for teaching jobs - applying after December may mean that VIT is unable to assess your application in time for you to start teaching in term 1 
  2. applications can take up to 6 weeks to be assessed once all documentation is submitted – to avoid delays, include all relevant documents in your application  
  3. ensure you apply for the correct type of registration for the setting you intend to work in 
    a. Early Childhood Teacher registration for kindergarten 
    b. Teacher registration for school settings, if you are eligible you can apply for both, to keep your employment options open 
  4. advise VIT in your application if you have a pending teaching position 
  5. provide the correct identity documentation - incorrectly completed documentation will delay your application 
  6. if you obtain a teaching position after you have submitted an application, you can retrospectively add the start date (to help ensure the application is assessed before you commence work).
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