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The new Employer Pack supports principals and early childhood managers to meet their regulatory obligations

It is a legal requirement for all Victorian teachers to be registered with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) in order to be employed in a school or early childhood education and care service or Victorian children’s service.

As ‘co-regulators’ of the teaching profession, employers are required to ensure their teachers hold valid teacher registration. This is critical in maintaining professional status and public confidence in the profession and providing for the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.

Following feedback from last year’s employer satisfaction survey, VIT has launched the Employer Pack - a comprehensive guide that will assist them in understanding the importance of teacher registration and their regulatory obligations as an employer.

It’s a one-stop-shop for principals, school leaders, early childhood managers and authorised delegates seeking information on how to manage and monitor teacher registration, as well as guide staff through the registration process.

In this pack there are links to key terms, related information on the VIT website and useful resources. The pack also includes quick links to sections within the document so employers can easily find what they need.

Download Employer Pack

A guide to teacher registration

The Employer Pack covers a range of topics about VIT and teacher registration including

  • who we are, what we do and misconceptions about our role
  • why teacher registration is important to the profession
  • employer obligations
  • teacher obligations
  • employing new teachers
  • initial registration and annual registration processes
  • conduct and suitability
  • employer resources.

The benefits for employers

The Employer Pack will help to

  • support employers in meeting their regulatory obligations
  • reduce the risk of unregistered teaching practice and prosecution
  • improve communication and transparency between VIT and employers
  • build trust and confidence in the functions VIT delivers.

As the teaching and regulatory landscape continues to evolve in Victoria, the Employer Pack will be regularly updated with the latest information to keep you informed of your obligations.

Employers can access the pack anytime in the Employer resources section of our website or by logging into your Employer portal and clicking on the ‘Communications and resources’ tile.

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