It's time to complete your registration tasks

01 AUGUST 2016

Complete your tasks before 30 September

The due date for registration tasks is 30 September. If your annual fee payment has not been received by 30 September, a late processing fee will apply. For most teachers, the online process will take a matter of minutes, but if you need any assistance from us, we’re happy to help. It’s a good idea to get in early. In the days leading up to the due date of 30 September, we receive a high volume of calls and some delays may result. You’ll find the answers to most of your questions on our website. Just click ‘search’ and type in your question. 

Extended hours for call centre

To handle the increased demand during registration period, the call centre has extended its operating hours to 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.

To minimise your wait time, the best times to call are:

  • 11am – 12pm
  • 2pm – 3pm
  • 4pm – 5pm

30 September is a public holiday

If you need to speak to anyone at VIT about your registration tasks, remember that Friday 30 September is Grand Final eve public holiday, so we won’t be able to take your calls. The online registration process will be accessible as normal on that day. 

First time completing the process?

In your MyVIT, you’ll see your registration tasks displayed as buttons. Just click the first button, complete the form and move on to the next task. All teachers will have at least one task – to pay your annual fee – and you can do this via credit or debit card, cheque or money order, once you have clicked the ‘Payment’ button. 

You may also see the ‘Registration Renewal form’ button, which is an online task explained here. A small number of teachers will be due to update their National Police History Check, which also can be done online. This video explains how we’ve made the process simpler.

Cessation of registration

If you are registered as a teacher and / or an early childhood teacher, and no longer wish to teach in one or both divisions, complete the Cessation of registration formPlease note that once your registration has ceased, you will no longer be allowed to teach in Victoria.