The ATWD – building a picture of the Australian teaching workforce

Australian Teacher Workforce Data: building a picture of the Australian teaching workforce

Teachers are the number one in-school influence on student outcomes, so it's important to understand the teaching experience to better support the profession and improve student outcomes. 

The ATWD is a project jointly funded by all governments of Australia. It is being implemented by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership together with the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare.

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What is the ATWD?

The Australian Teacher Workforce Data (ATWD) Strategy unites and connects ITE data and teacher workforce data from around Australia. It will provide a comprehensive picture of the teaching experience, from entry into the profession to end of career, unlocking a deeper understanding of:

  • teachers' career experiences and employment characteristics
  • teacher career pathways and development
  • employment outcomes of Initial Teacher Education (ITE)
  • induction and early career experiences.

A better understanding of these and other teaching experiences will provide insights into national and local workforce challenges and opportunities, help identify long term workforce trends and allow more effective responses to issues affecting the workforce so that all systems and sectors can better support their teachers and strengthen the positive impact they have on student outcomes.

At the Victorian Institute of Teaching, we’re committed to quality teaching and ensuring our teachers are well prepared and supported throughout their careers. That’s why VIT is supporting ATWD strategy.

From 2018, VIT teacher registration data will be included in the ATWD. It will form part of the first ever national picture of Australia’s teaching workforce. To enrich this data, all Australian teachers will be invited to complete the ATWD Teacher Survey. 

ATWD Teacher Survey

Victorian teachers are encouraged to participate by completing the 10 minute ATWD Teacher Survey as part of their registration renewal process. Participation is voluntary, but extremely important for the ATWD as it will help build a stronger understanding of the characteristics of Australian Teachers.

You will be able to provide valuable information about your teaching experience such as:

  • hours spent on teaching, preparing to teach and non-teaching activities
  • requirements for out-of-field teaching
  • your perceptions regarding the professional development you have undertaken
  • how long you intend to stay in teaching and factors that may affect your decision to leave

Your responses to the ATWD Teacher Survey will:

  • be treated confidentially
  • be linked to other data in the ATWD collection that relates to you
  • have any identifying information about you removed from them.

ATWD and Your Privacy

Find out about the safeguards in place to protect your privacy and how your information will be handled here.