Congratulations on 50 years in education

29 AUGUST 2019

Adele Meren was recently recognised by the Department of Education for 50 years of service to public education.

The veteran teacher has taught thousands of children across eight different schools, starting her teaching career at Brusnwick Primary school in 1968, before moving on to Elsternwick, Ripponlea, Jells Park, Hughesdale, St Kilda and Elwood primary schools. 

“Walking into the classroom even after so many years, is a dream. Their eagerness, their thirst for knowing why, but why? I love all of that", Ms Meren said.

The trained teacher librarian has a passion for reading and believes "books are everything". 

Ms Meren has no plans to retire anytime soon. "I think teaching is one of the most wonderful things you can do", she said.

The Victorian Institute of Teaching would like to acknowledge Ms Meren's contribution to the teaching profession, and congratulate her on reaching such a remarkable milestone in her teaching carer

Watch Ms Meren's Recognition of Service video.