Codes of Conduct and Ethics

About the Codes of Conduct and Ethics (Codes)

The Codes are public statements developed for and by the teaching profession to:

  • reflect shared principles about practice, conduct and ethics to be applied to promote the highest standards of professional practice
  • enable registered teachers to reflect on their ethical decisions
  • establish the quality of behaviour that reflects the expectations of the profession and the community
  • provide a clear statement to the community about these expectations.

Putting the Codes into practice

The Codes are designed to help teachers navigate and resolve difficult professional and ethical dilemmas.

While there may be no single correct solution, teachers should be able to account for their actions by referring to the Codes.

Teachers are encouraged to use the Codes along with any other codes and/or policies developed by their employer or school, to guide their professional practice. They may also be used to challenge the ethical and professional behaviour of a teacher and could provide grounds for complaint if a teacher’s practice falls short of the expected standard.

The Codes should be treated as an educational tool to help the profession:

  • define and redefine its values
  • assist individual teachers to be vigilant about ethical tensions
  • help them develop principled ways to resolve issues.
  • consider professional boundaries
Codes of Conduct of Conduct and Ethics

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