The EC Service Portal is a secure online facility enabling Victorian early childhood service providers and their authorised delegates to:

  • confirm the current registration status of early childhood teachers employed at their service(s)
  • seek the current registration status of a teacher they may wish to employ
  • have edit-access for searching, adding or removing teachers to maintain their ‘All Teachers’ list
  • access and complete a recommendation for (full) registration assigned to their service by a provisionally registered early childhood teacher
  • view any correspondence from us.

As a provider, you may wish to give access and authorisation to your delegates to use the Portal (e.g. service manage, HR manager, business manager or an ECT chairing a panel for a provisionally registered ECT).

Delegates must seek their login details directly from you, not from us.

Checking a teacher's registration status

You can check whether a teacher is currently registered to teach and what type of registration they hold by:

  • accessing the register of teachers
  • viewing your ‘All Teachers’ list within the Portal (for teachers linked to your education setting)
  • asking to see the teacher's current VIT registration card (valid to the expiry date indicated on the card).

Using the Portal

Viewing your 'All Teachers’ list

  • Click on the ‘All Teachers’ link

Checking the registration status of a teacher who is not on your ‘All Teachers’ list

  • Click the ‘Teacher Search’ link
  • Enter the teacher’s VIT registration number and / or name
  • Click the ‘Search’ button

Adding a teacher to your ‘All Teachers’ list

  • Click on the ‘Teacher Search’ link
  • Locate the teacher’s record
  • Click the ‘add’ button
  • Follow the prompts to confirm the action

Removing a teacher from your ‘All Teachers’ list

  • Locate the name of the teacher listed on your ‘All Teachers’ list
  • Click  the ‘remove’ button
  • Follow the prompts to confirm the action

Viewing an application from a provisionally registered teacher seeking recommendation for (full) registration

  • Click on the ‘Applications’ link

Please note: a teacher initiates the application form and assigns it to your education setting before it can be accessed through your Portal.

Teachers initiate the application by selecting the 'My Applications' link in their MyVIT portal.

Once you have completed the Recommendation Report, it will be returned to the teacher's MyVIT portal.  

Please advise the teacher after you have submitted the report.