Non-practising registration

Both provisional and (fully) registered teachers and early childhood teachers can apply for non-practising registration. You may want to apply for non-practising if you

  • are not currently teaching
  • cannot meet the professional practice requirements to renew your (full) registration
  • know that you will not be able to meet the requirements to move to (full) registration.

If you are not able to meet the requirements for the 2020-21 renewal period due to the impacts of COVID-19, read more about options to maintain your registration.

As a non-practising teacher, you cannot teach in any Victorian primary, secondary or special school, or be employed / engaged as a registered early childhood teacher in a Victorian education and care service or a Victorian children’s service.

To learn more about why you might wish to apply for non-practising, watch this video

Applying for non-practising

If you hold (full) or provisional registration, you can apply to become non-practising at any time through your MyVIT account by navigating to the 'manage registration' tile and selecting 'apply for non-practising'. Your name will continue to appear on the public register.

Applications for non-practising registration take effect from the date you nominate – monitor the status of your application within your MyVIT account.

Holders of non-practising registration will need to complete annual registration tasks each year, including

As a holder of non-practising registration, you can continue to use your non-practising registration in lieu of a Working with Children Check.

You can return to teaching at any time by completing an application to return to teach within your MyVIT account. Depending on the registration type that you hold, you may need to meet specific registration requirements once you have returned to teach.

Your registration card

Once processed, your registration category will become non-practising on the date you select within your application. You will receive notification of this by email and a red registration card. You will also be updated on the register of teacher as non-practising.

Your red registration card indicates that you are NOT allowed to teach in a Victorian school or be employed / engaged as a registered early childhood teacher, however it still exempts you from the Victorian Working with Children Check.

Learn more about returning to teaching from non-practising.

Registration cessation

If you do not want to apply for non-practicing and no longer wish to undertake the duties of a teacher, you can complete a cessation of registration form through your MyVIT account.