Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check

To be registered with us or to renew your registration as a teacher, you will need to have a current and satisfactory Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC) - previously known as the National Police History Check (NPHC) - conducted by VIT on your behalf.

If your NCCHC is due to expire, you will need to undertake another check when you renew your registration.

We will notify you prior to the five-year expiry of your NCCHC and ask you to complete a consent form so we can conduct a check on your behalf.

An overview of the NCCHC

The NCCHC provides details of convictions and findings of guilt for criminal offences following an examination of the records held by police services in Australian States and Territories.

The notification of any of these offences through the NCCHC will not automatically preclude you from renewing your registration.

We consider each case on its merits and are only concerned with those sexual offences that are listed in the Education and Training Reform Act 2006, or indictable offences related to a teacher's fitness to teach.

It is your responsibility to notify us within 30 days if committed for trial or convicted of an indictable or sexual offence.

We are legally obliged to act on sexual offences identified in the legislation or indictable offences relating to a teacher's fitness to teach.

The NCCHC will search nationally for these offences.

If we determine there are no offences or relevant offences against you, we will consider you as having a satisfactory NCCHC.

Learn more about personal information collection and the NCCHC.

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If you have a current Victorian police check or and NCCHC conducted by another organisation  

We can only accept a satisfactory NCCHC conducted by us, on your behalf. You cannot use a current Victorian police check to register or renew your registration with us. If you have a current NCCHC conducted by any other organisation or process you will still need to undergo another NCCHC when you apply for registration with us.

Please keep in mind the following points regarding the NCCHC:

  • For us to conduct a check on your behalf, you need to complete a consent form online by accessing your MyVIT account.
  • Payment must be received by the due date.
  • Your NCCHC must be current so you can renew your registration.
  • We are unable to issue a current registration card until your NCCHC has been updated.

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Working with Children Check and the NCCHC

If you hold a current Working with Children Check, you still need an NCCHC conducted by us on your behalf. However, you don’t need to undertake a Working With Children Check if you have a current VIT registration card, so long as your NCCHC is valid for the period of the card.

Read about your obligations to notify Working With Children Check about any child-related work (other than teaching). 

Information we require as proof of identity

Before we can undertake an NCCHC on behalf of a new applicant, we must verify your identity. You will need to provide us with copies of appropriate identity documents

This will include one category 1 document and at least one category 2 document, together with evidence of all changes of name, where applicable.

Currently registered teachers have already verified their identity and do not need to provide category 1 or 2 documentation. 

Learn more about personal information collection and the NCCHC.

If you have ever changed your name

For the purposes of your NCCHC, we need to be informed if you have ever been known by another name.

You can provide evidence of all changes of name by supplying a copy of one of the following:

  • A copy of your marriage certificate.
  • A change of name via deed poll or a decree nisi.

If you have recently changed your name, you also need to update your contact details with us.

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Overseas Documents in a Language other than English

If any of your documents are in a language other than English, you will need to provide the documents in the original language, plus translations.

These translations must be prepared and certified as correct by a translator accredited by the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd. (NAATI).

Documents that require translation can include (but are not limited to): overseas birth or marriage certificate, other legal ‘change of name’ documents, qualification documents, overseas criminal record checks.