Stronger governance arrangements

We are ensuring effective public administration through good governance.

What's the impact?

Good governance will elicit community trust and enable transparency of outcomes, good process and, where necessary, strong enforcement action.

What have we done?

  • VIT has appointed a Project Manager to oversee the implementation of the Review recommendations accepted by the Government.
  • VIT is strengthening its strategic relationships with co-regulators via regular meetings, Memorandums of Understanding (‘MOUs’) and staff secondments. 
  • In July 2018, VIT hosted a ‘Community of Practice Workshop’ with other regulatory bodies in Victoria to share and develop methods of best practice.

What's next?

  • VIT is drafting a Council Charter aligned with contemporary government practice.
  • VIT is drafting performance measures that are mapped to VIT’s strategic goals and will monitor VIT’s progress towards meeting its targets. 
  • VIT will review its current delegations framework and make changes as required.