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How do I choose an appropriate tutor for my school-aged children?

Parents/guardians should ensure the tutor is qualified, suitable and child-safe, and can do this by confirming the tutor has one or more of the following

  • holds an approved initial teacher education (ITE) qualification or equivalent
  • is registered with VIT
  • has been granted with a Working with Children clearance
  • can provide recent or former employer/volunteer organisation referees.

Read our fact sheet that provides practical steps and guidance to consider when choosing an appropriate tutor for school-aged children.

How do I check if my children's teachers are correctly registered?

All teachers who are currently registered with VIT are listed on the Register of Teachers.

A person listed on the register of teachers is registered and permitted to teach, unless their registration status is displayed in red. A teacher whose details are displayed in red are non-practising and unable to undertake the duties of a teacher.

A teacher who shows on the register with an expiry date in the past is registered and permitted to teach.

Some teachers who are no longer registered, and have been subject to disciplinary action taken by the VIT, may appear on the Register of Disciplinary Action.

How do I report teacher conduct issues?

The Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT), the Commission for Children and Young People (CCYP), the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA) and the Quality Assessment and Regulation Division (QARD) of the Victorian Department of Education and Training work with each other as co-regulators who are committed to child safety.

The VIT, CCYP and VRQA have developed the Conduct reporting guide to assist members of the community to understand which organisations they should (or could) contact to report the conduct of a registered teacher within a school setting or early childhood service.

The guide outlines who to report to and identifies which organisations are involved following a report, including the reporting lines between these organisations and other co-regulators, such as Victoria Police.

Report teacher conduct issues to VIT

In many cases, concerns about a teacher can be resolved appropriately by first discussing them with their employer.

Before lodging a complaint with VIT, we encourage you to contact and speak with the

If your complaint cannot be resolved or you don’t want to discuss your complaint with the teacher’s employer, you can lodge a complaint with VIT via our online form. Please familiarise yourself with VIT's complaints handling process first.