Professional Development

Benefits of Special Needs PD

Hear from several Victorian teachers on how Special Needs PD has helped their teaching knowledge and practice.

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PD Ideas

If you’re looking for quality PD sources, there are a wide range of options - especially for teachers who work in circumstances that make it difficult to access PD. 

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Special Needs PD Ideas

We’ve developed some tools to assist you with your Special Needs Professional Development. 

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Special Needs PD FAQs

VIT Strategic Advisor Fran Cosgrove answers some of your most frequently asked questions about Special Needs PD

#1 What is a Special Needs learner and do they need to be diagnosed? 

To view a transcript of the video, email us.

#2 How many hours of PD do I need to address the Special Needs requirement for renewal of registration? 

To view a transcript of the video, email us.

#3 Do I have to address all the descriptors of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers in my Special Needs professional learning? 

To view a transcript of the video, email us.

#4 What if I haven’t done this PD by 30 September 2016? 

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Case Study: Luke shoplifting

This is a hypothetical case study based on real events. A teacher is found guilty of an indictable offence and is assessed on his fitness to teach.

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Case Study: Brendan and Ella

This is a hypothetical case study based on real events. A teacher is added by a student on Snapchat, and this leads to a potential conduct issue. 

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Case Study: Elisha

This is a hypothetical case study based on real events. A teacher is arrested for possession of a drug of dependence. 

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Digital Professionalism

Minimising the risks - the online environment is an ever-expanding resource, which provides great opportunities for teachers. And some serious traps to avoid.

This video addresses APSTs 7.1 Meet professional ethics and responsibilities and 7.2 Comply with legislative, administrative and organisational requirements. Watching this video and reflecting on how it impacts your practice can count as PD towards your renewal requirements.

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Your VIT registration

As a provisionally registered teacher, your registration is important and identifies you as a qualified professional and a suitable person to be a teacher. This video tells you what you need to know about your registration. 

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The Inquiry Process: Presenting to a panel

Kindergarten teacher Jessica Ciuciu presents evidence gathered during her inquiry process (and elsewhere) that demonstrates she has met the APST. 

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The Inquiry Process: Tips for early childhood teachers

If you're a provisionally registered early childhood teacher, about to begin the Inquiry process to move to (full) registration, watch this video on how to make things easier. 

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Returning to Teach: What you need to know

If you’re thinking about choosing non-practising registration, you’ll need to know about what happens when you want to return to teaching. 

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Taking extended leave: What you need to know

Why choose non-practising registration?

If you’re thinking of taking a leave from teaching, or you don’t think you can meet the requirements for registration renewal by 30 September, watch this video. 

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How to move to full registration

If you’re a provisionally registered teacher wanting to progress to (full) registration, you need to complete at least 80 days of teaching and be recommended for (full) registration by a recommendation panel. In this series of videos, we look at what you need to present to the panel so that they will recommend you for (full) registration.

Intro: How to become fully registered – an overview 

#1 What you need before you begin 

#2 How to choose the learners for your evidence-based process 

#3 How to develop your inquiry question 

#4 How to work with your mentor or experienced colleague 

#5 How to develop and implement your action plan 

#6 How to evaluate your practice 

#7 How to present to the recommendation panel 

#8 How to submit your application 

#9 Other contexts 

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Tips for ECT mentors, PRTs and panel members

Early childhood teacher mentor Priscilla Boissezon offers advice for mentors and PRTs.

To view a transcript of the video, email us.

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Principals and Managers

How your employer portal can help you

As a principal, manager or administrator, making sure your staff are registered to teach can be a time consuming process. Find out how your employer portal can help you. 

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About Us

Meet the CEO

The VIT Council is very pleased to announce the appointment of Peter Corcoran as our new Chief Executive Officer. Peter has a wealth of relevant experience and a passionate commitment to delivering quality service to Victorian citizens. Meet our new CEO and hear what he has to say about VIT’s future.

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VIT Strategic Plan 2017

This plan articulates our vision for the future based on our need to respond to growing community expectations while ensuring the teaching profession in Victoria is respected for its crucial role in delivering excellence in education. 

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Meet the VIT Council: Peter Clifton

Peter is the Principal of Magpie Primary School, a regional school with approximately 90 students. Peter talks about the benefits of working at a small school and how he sees his role as part of VIT’s Council.

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Meet the VIT Council: Angela Stringer

Council Member Angela Stringer is a teacher with over 30 years’ experience. Angela talks about her teaching background, her role as a member of VIT’s Council, and the importance of teaching as a profession. 

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Meet the VIT Council: Mick Butler

Mick Butler is a teacher with over 40 years’ experience. Mick talks about his teaching and VIT Council background, as well as the importance of VIT in helping to safeguard children and maintain best teaching standards. 

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