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New changes to the accreditation of ITE program standards and procedures

The addendum to the Accreditation of initial teacher education (ITE) programs in Australia: Standards and Procedures (Standards and Procedures) outlines changes to the requirements an initial teacher education (ITE) program must meet to be nationally accredited.

This addendum requires the implementation of core content into ITE programs by December 2025 and includes immediate changes to the Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education (LANTITE) requirements. 

Changes to core content, Program Standards 1.5, 2.1 and 4.2

The addendum has introduced Program Standard 1.5 and Schedule 2, outlining the requirements of core content. 

Victorian Government Tutor Learning initiative

Program Standard 1.5 requires

Program design and assessment processes must require that pre-service teachers have successfully demonstrated knowledge and met the learning outcomes of the core content as outlined in Schedule 2.

The addendum also revised

  • Program Standard 2.1, Program development, design and delivery
  • Program Standard 4.2, Program structure and content

The introduction of Schedule 2 outlines the learning outcomes of core content that require assessment and where it must be taught and practiced.

Core content must be embedded into all ITE programs by December 2025 for students commencing in 2026. There is further information on VIT’s implementation process below.

Changes to LANTITE

In addition, the addendum has revised Program Standard 3.5 and the requirements of the LANTITE. The revisions to this standard are to be implemented effective immediately.

PTT Policy

Revised Program Standard 3.5

Initial teacher education graduates will possess levels of personal English language literacy and numeracy broadly equivalent to the top 30% of the population and/or possess high levels of Australian First Nations language proficiency. 

a. The LANTITE is the means of demonstrating that students have met the required standard of English language literacy and numeracy. In the case of First Nations language speakers, recognition of First Nations language proficiency by the relevant cultural authority is an acceptable alternative standard.

b. Students who are required to undertake the LANTITE are expected to attempt it before the end of the first year of their initial teacher education qualification.

c. Providers must support students’ access to the LANTITE and provide targeted assistance to those who need support to achieve the required standard before graduation. Providers must have an established process to confirm recognition of First Language proficiency.

d. Providers are also required to support those students who meet the First Nations language proficiency to develop their English literacy and numeracy skills.

The VIT is requesting that any students currently completing ITE programs in ‘teach-out’ (no longer accepting new students) are also supported to attempt LANTITE before the end of their first year. There is further information on VIT’s implementation process below. 

Changes to implementation expectations and timelines

The VIT is working with the Australian Institute of Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) and the Australasian Teacher Regulatory Authorities (ATRA) to support a nationally consistent approach to the implementation of these reforms. 

Updates to implement the changes outlined by the addendum are permitted to occur outside of the accreditation cycle via a program change. The VIT is meeting with ITE providers to gain an understanding of anticipated timelines for implementation and will work with ITE providers to ensure these changes are implemented as expected and meet the national timelines. 

Bespoke program change template

The VIT has developed a bespoke program change template that ITE providers will use to submit their changes for approval. This template will be circulated directly to ITE provider contacts in the coming weeks. 

It is anticipated that some providers will submit their program changes in stages. The revisions to Program Standards 3.5 are to be implemented effective immediately, whereas core content needs to be implemented by December 2025. ITE providers are required to submit their program changes in the bespoke template by 1 June 2025 to ensure that they are approved for the anticipated delivery date. 

envelope with letter

ITE providers are encouraged to directly contact their VIT co-case manager to further discuss the addendum and the expectations of implementation. Additional enquiries should be addressed to

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