Initial teacher education update

27 NOVEMBER 2017

VIT recently reported on the Minister for Education’s endorsement of the Victorian framework for selection into initial teacher education (Professional Practice 2017 Issue #2 ).

We are working with Victorian providers to implement the selection framework for students commencing ITE programs in 2018. This will include the selection criteria and processes for all academic and non-academic pathways. 

Candidates seeking entry into courses that qualify them to teach will need to meet academic standards and show personal attributes that fit them for teaching.

Minimum ATAR

For Year 12 entry into teacher education programs in 2018, candidates must demonstrate academic capability by achieving an ATAR of at least 65 (or equivalent). The minimum ATAR will increase to 70 (or equivalent) for entry into programs in 2019.

Non-academic (personal) attributes

While the selection framework does not prescribe any particular tool or test of personal attributes, eight of the twelve Victorian providers have chosen to use the CASPer test as part of their candidate selection for 2018. The remaining providers will use different selection mechanisms (e.g. interviews) to assess personal attributes.

Advice on support available to applicants requiring special provisions to sit the CASPer test is provided on the CASPer website

Universities have provided fact sheets and information on their websites about available support.

The VIT and ITE providers will review the effectiveness of the selection framework in 2018 for improvements in 2019.