The Effective Mentoring Program and PRT Seminars

14 NOVEMBER 2018

Effective Mentoring Program

If you are interested in mentoring provisionally registered teachers (PRTs), VIT will be running the Effective Mentoring Program, in collaboration with DET, in 2019.

This is a tremendous opportunity for experienced school or early childhood teachers to professionally develop their mentoring skills, so they can support teachers in the early stages of their career.

The Effective Mentoring Program focuses on the skills needed to mentor a PRT through the process of moving from provisional to (full) registration.

An email including venue details and dates will be sent to schools and early childhood leaders in late January, and registration for the Program will begin in February. The two-day program will run from March to September.

If you have already completed the Effective Mentoring Program or another VIT-trained mentor program, a refresher course will also be offered.

PRT Seminars

VIT will also offer Provisionally Registered Teacher Seminars after school hours to help PRTs develop their understanding of what is required in order to move from provisional to (full) registration.

Seminars will be held across the greater Melbourne area, Geelong and in several regional centres. There will also be seven online seminars.

More information about the locations and how to register for these seminars will be available in late February.


The Provisionally Registered Teacher Seminars and online seminars are open for all CRT PRTs to attend. There will be three additional online seminars to address the specific challenges that CRT PRTs may face when undertaking the provisional to (full) registration process.

More information about how to register for these seminars will be available in March 2019.