VIT support for CRTs (incl PRTs)

09 MARCH 2018

While the provisional to (full) registration process is the same for all teachers, we understand CRTs may face unique challenges to achieve this. To help CRTs and teachers in non-school settings understand how they can move to (full) registration in their context, we’ve developed a CRT companion guide PDF, 8140.63 KB.

This guide outlines key tips and information including

  • suggested steps prior to undertaking your inquiry
  • developing an inquiry question
  • identifying a group of learners
  • meeting the standards
  • timeframe for developing your inquiry
  • creating your action plan
  • examples of evidence for more challenging descriptors of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers

This guide should be read in conjunction with the Supporting Provisionally Registered Teachers Guide. PDF, 2917.99 KB 

VIT runs face-to-face and online webinars for provisionally registered teachers, and we encourage CRTs and teachers in non-school settings to attend. In 2018, we will be running three additional webinars specifically tailored to CRTs. Please register your interest by emailing request an online registration form.

2017 CRT survey results

VIT recently surveyed 5,000 CRTs (casual relief, emergency, relieving and relief teachers) to understand their professional learning needs and experiences in meeting and maintaining registration requirements.

In partnership with the Department of Education and Training and the Teacher Learning Network, VIT CRT Support will use the results of this survey to inform the development of resources and information specifically tailored to support CRTs to understand and maintain registration requirements. This may include presentations through agencies, unions and CRT networks; webinars; FAQs and any other targeted assistance we can offer.

The key findings of the 2017 CRT survey can be found below. Click here to download a copy.

CRT survey results

Free PD for CRTs with CRTPD in 2018

The Teacher Learning Network (TLN) and the Department of Education will continue to provide free PD to all casual relief, relief, relieving and emergency teachers (CRTs) in 2018. 

To access this free PD go to and register to become a member. All courses address the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and contribute to your VIT PD requirements for renewal of registration. 

Provisionally registered CRTs will also benefit from participating in these courses.

CRTs can complete as much free PD as they want until 31 December 2018. For more information visit the TLN website or contact Max Grarock at TLN on

Upcoming VIT presentations for CRTPD

VIT will be presenting for CRTPD on two key topics in the coming months. Register today.

Moving from provisional to (full) registration as a CRT: 9 May 2018 from 4:30pm to 5:30pm

What to do in a VIT audit?: 13 June 2018 from 4.30pm to 5.30pm