Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership – Continuity of Learning Hub

6 MAY 2020

The transition to flexible and remote learning presents a complex set of challenges and opportunities for education systems worldwide.

Bastow’s Continuity of Learning Hub brings together a comprehensive range of high-quality professional learning and resources to support Victoria’s school communities transitioning to online teaching and learning. The professional learning and resources are free of charge and available to teachers across all sectors.

Each learning opportunity has been developed or selected to ensure school leaders and teachers have the resources they need to achieve continuity of learning for all learners during this time.

These professional learning opportunities and resources can be used to meet your 20 hours of professional development requirements for renewal of registration.

Remember, after engaging in a professional development activity take the time to reflect on how the learning will impact your teaching. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • What have you learned that you can use to develop your teaching knowledge and / or practice?
  • How have you / will you apply your learnings to your teaching practice?
  • What impact has / will the new knowledge have on learning outcomes?