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Provisionally registered teacher resources

Provisional registration is initially granted for two years to teachers who are new to the profession, have not yet practised as a teacher in Australia or New Zealand, or are returning to the profession after an absence of five years or more.

Provisional registration is granted until the teacher can demonstrate the Proficient Teacher level of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST).

The provisional to full registration process is designed to ensure that all teachers can demonstrate proficiency against the APST. This provides the VIT and the community with the assurance that all Victorian teachers are meeting expected standards, including having a clear understanding of the important role that they play in providing for the safety and wellbeing of children and young people.

In order to move to full registration, provisionally registered teachers (PRTs) must undertake the Inquiry Process to develop their practice and collect evidence that they meet the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) at the Proficient Teacher level.

To assist PRTs, mentors and workplaces through the process, VIT has produced a suite of resources. These resources are regularly updated in response to feedback received from teachers as well as changes made to existing processes.

Supporting PRTs Guide

Every PRT should have an up-to-date copy of the PRT Guide.

The guide

  • explains the Inquiry Process and other requirements to move from provisional to full registration
  • provides advice about gathering suitable evidence
  • provides a template and a checklist to ensure PRTs have everything they need to document the process
  • explains the application process for full registration.

Evidence of professional practice template

The VIT recommends PRTs use the Evidence of professional practice template to record their evidence to ensure you don’t inadvertently miss any Inquiry requirements.

This updated template also includes a blank action plan as well as a consolidated professional responsibilities report section.

Evidence of professional practice checklist

PRTs and their mentors should use the Evidence of professional practice checklist before arranging a workplace recommendation panel meeting.

If all items on this checklist can be ticked, the PRT has completed the Inquiry requirements and can arrange the panel meeting.

Useful Resource

These resources are provided to assist PRTs in documenting their Inquiry. While it is not mandatory to use them, they are helpful in ensuring all requirements have been completed.

Other useful resources include the SMART Inquiry Question tool (used to develop and refine the Inquiry Question) and the APST evidence checklist (used as an index page for a PRT's evidence against the APST).

All additional resources can be found on our Resources page.

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