Recognition of prior experience

We offer two options that will grant you (full) registration as a teacher.

Option one – on initial application 

You may be eligible for (full) registration on initial application if you:

  • hold an approved qualification
  • have taught in one or more Australian or New Zealand schools for at least 80 days within the five years prior to your application to VIT; or 
  • if you are an early childhood teacher and have completed at least 80 days of teaching in one or more Australian or New Zealand early childhood service since 1 October 2015; and
  • are able to provide evidence that you have achieved the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST) at the Proficient Teacher level.

You will require a recommendation from the principal of a school, or their delegate, outlining how your professional practice meets the APST.  The online form will allow the school you nominate to complete the required report.

You can complete an online registration application within your MyVIT account.

Option two

If you’re currently registered interstate or in New Zealand, or accredited in New South Wales, and want to teach in Victoria, you need to register with us under the Mutual Recognition process via your MyVIT account.