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Registration card production stops during July and August due to the start of the new registration year.

Accreditation resources for ITE providers

Resources relating to Initial teacher education (ITE) and course accreditation are now accessible on the VIT website. The Education provider resources hub hosts a range of helpful resources for ITE providers including

  • guidance notes
  • fact sheets
  • policies related to accreditation, approval and endorsement of programs
  • provider portal details.

This page is regularly updated with new content and VIT recommends ITE providers bookmark it as their source for the latest tools and information. If you require additional resources or assistance, please contact the VIT Accreditation Team at

The following new resources have been developed to guide ITE providers through the accreditation process and support pre-service teachers in the final year of their ITE program.

Guidance note - Stage two accreditation applications

Stage two is the continuation of accreditation and supports an improvement cycle in ITE programs. It is designed to be light touch and less onerous than stage one accreditation.

A stage two application for accreditation includes the stage two report (template 5), which summarises the strengths and planned improvements to the program(s), and is informed by data collected during the stage one accreditation period. Panellists use this to focus and inform their assessment of the application. 

Stage two panellists do not reassess previous accreditation decisions or changes approved through annual reporting. ITE providers will indicate where evidence against program standards or graduate teacher standards has changed.

The VIT expects most upcoming accreditation applications will proceed to a stage two submission, with only new ITE programs being accredited at stage one. We will work closely with providers and panellists to ensure they understand the expectations of a stage two application. Providers should consult with their co-case managers on what stage accreditation is most applicable for their ITE programs.

Useful Resource

The VIT has developed a guidance note for stage two accreditation applications in consultation with ITE providers and panellists, and in accordance with the AITSL Guidelines for the accreditation of initial teacher education programs in Australia.

The guidance note steps through the requirements and templates for stage two accreditation, provides useful information on utilising annual reporting data, outlines the recommended process for stage two panels and shares tips for ITE providers in preparing stage two applications.

ITE providers preparing for a stage two application are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the guidance note and contact their VIT co-case managers with any questions.

Additional guidance notes can be found in the Education provider resources hub.

Fact sheet - Permission to teach, supervised teaching practice and teaching performance assessments

Permission to teach (PTT) is a temporary and alternative authorisation to teach that enables individuals who do not meet the qualification requirements for teacher registration to undertake the duties of a teacher in a school.

As schools continue to face unprecedented workforce shortages, there has been an increase in the number of pre-service teachers (PSTs) that have been granted PTT.

It’s important for ITE providers and PSTs to understand the relationship between PTT, supervised teaching practice (STP) and teaching performance assessment (TPA) requirements.

PSTs must complete STP as part of their qualification (in a school placement under the supervision of a qualified teacher and university education staff). In most cases, PTT holders cannot use teaching under their PTT grant in lieu of STP.

Useful Resource

The VIT has developed a handy fact sheet providing guidance on when the different categories of PTT can contribute towards STP and TPA requirements for PSTs.

Additional fact sheets can be found in the Education provider resources hub.

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