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Registration card production stops during July and August due to the start of the new registration year.

Nominations open for the Most Influential Educator Awards

Presented by The Educator Australia, the Most Influential Educator Awards celebrate outstanding leaders and changemakers across five categories. Educators and teachers can be nominated for being

  • innovative
  • abreast of current research and best practice
  • adaptable
  • systemic
  • relational.

Nominees must be one of the following

  • education leaders, including but not limited to the founders and administration of a school or program
  • changemakers who have made an impact on many students and school communities in Australia in the face of adversity
  • award-winning educators that have been recognised for their contributions to the Australian education industry
  • educators who have demonstrated innovation and creativity are driving the education industry forward.

Kirsti Hitz-Morton, senior education consultant and Hutton Consulting Australia, shared what she believes makes a good educator. 

"We don’t just need them to have a high IQ; we need them to have emotional intelligence. If we’re not finding the right leaders for the right school, then the impact on the students and the community is enormous. We underestimate the positive impact that good leaders can have,” says Hitz-Morton.

Nominations close Friday 19 April. The 2024 report of the Most Influential Educators will be published on The Educator website in July. 

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