Teaching plays a significant role in developing a knowledgeable, creative, productive and democratic society. The values that underpin the teaching profession are integrity, respect and responsibility.

As a teacher, your expert knowledge should provide experiences that inspire and facilitate student learning. Your professional conduct as a teacher is characterised by the quality of relationships you have with students, parents / caregivers, communities or colleagues.

Your VIT registration 

Find everything you need to know about now that you're registered in this short video.

Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (NCCHC) 

Find everything you need to know about the NCCHC.

What do I need to tell VIT?

As a registered teacher, you must inform us within 30 days if you:

  • change your name / address; 
  • change your place of employment in a school / early childhood setting; or
  • have been committed to trial for, found guilty of, or convicted of an indictable / sexual offence.

If you have been committed for trial for, found guilty or convicted of an offence and are still unsure whether you need to inform the VIT, please contact us.

Reporting obligations of teachers to WWCCV

From 1 September 2019, registered teachers will continue to be exempt from requiring a WWC Check, but will be required to notify WWCCV if they engage in child-related work (other than their teaching).

If a teacher’s registration is suspended or cancelled, WWCCV will notify the organisations where the teacher does child-related work (other than their teaching) that the teacher is no longer exempt from holding a WWC Check.

Notify WWCCV here

Maintaining professional practice

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Annual teacher audit

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Teacher mentor training

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