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PTT webinars for schools

Permission to Teach (PTT) is alternative authorisation to teach that exists primarily to address a workforce shortage within Victorian schools. 

Schools must prioritise the employment of qualified, registered teachers. In some instances however, PTT can used to fill teaching positions. Read the Permission to Teach Policy to find out more. 

The VIT is hosting a webinar designed to educate principals and school leaders on the PTT application process right through to how to support PTT holders in the workplace.  

For those schools delivering, or thinking about delivering VET subjects, the PTT (VET) category will be explored in depth. 

This webinar will explore 

  • an overview of PTT
  • how each PTT category should be used - with a focus on PTT (VET)
  • how to apply for PTT (for both the school and applicant)
  • how to support PTT holders
  • where to find resources.

Webinar details 

The webinar has now closed for registrations. More webinars will be scheduled based on demand.  Please email if you have any questions. 

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